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Individual flight

Individual flight is a voyage in the sky with your friends and close ones. A balloon basket is reserved only for you.

A basket can admit ................................ 3-4 people (200-250 kg of passenger weight)
Flight duration ....................................... 30-60 minutes
Total time of journey in the sky is ......... 2-2,5 hours

Price: 35000 rub.

Gift certificate

You can select a corresponding type of certificate for any flight.

To buy a balloon flight as an original gift.

Captive lifts

Captive lifts and flying are possible under the favorable weather conditions
(wind less than 5 ms).

Place for a captive lift: an open territory that is a square of 50x50 m at least.

Cost of one hour of work is 29 000 rub.

The minimum order is for 2 hours. Payment is in cash or with non-cash transaction.

Price: 29000 rub./hour

Advertisement on a thermal balloon

Usage of advertising thermal balloons is possible:

  • — in free flight,
  • — fixed to the ground on the occasion of different holidays, special events, exhibitions, actions,
  • — under the favorable weather conditions (wind less than 5 ms).


Types of advertisement on thermal balloons:

  1. 1. Advertisement on a shell and on a basket of a thermal balloon.
  2. 2. A balloon with brand marks (creation of corporate balloon).
  3. 3. Creation of an aeronautical team.
  4. 4. Conducting of BTL of actions.

Advertisement on a gas balloon

We have all necessary agreements (the Administration of St. Petersburg, the Central Command of Armed Forces, Federal Security Service Directorate) for launching captive gas balloons within the administrative territories of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.


  • 1. Production of a helium balloon is 190 000 rub.
  • 2. Advertising posters (2 pcs) 34 000 rub./pcs.
  • 3. Cost of illumination system is 120 000 rub.
  • 4. The cost of reaching an agreement for setting a balloon is from 70 to 90 thousand rubles and depends on the assumed place, the period of agreement is half a year.