Travel through the sky with Neva Aero

Duration: 3 min

Memories of a winter fairy tale with a bird's-eye view.

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Neva Aero about safety

Safety of flights is provided by a professional experienced crew — a pilot and security escort team. The aeronautical team Neva Aero has carried out flights in Pushkinsky District, Saint Petersburg, and its surroundings, for more than five years. All the members of the aircrew have professional education and know their goods from a to z. When flying under unfavourable weather conditions of Saint Petersburg, we always put safety in the first place.

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Types of flights

You may experience a balloon flight, ordering an individual flight or a group flight.

An individual balloon flight is a dramatic event full of unforgettable impressions only for you and your close ones. It means romantic, harmony and complete idyll far from routine fuss and anxiety. It gives you fantastic moments of happiness and unity.

A group flight is a surprising and exciting «journey in the sky» amongst adventurers. Balloon flight is a rich source of new feelings and emotions. Aeronautics is a mysterious and fairytale world in a bird's eye view.

District of flights

Balloon flights are carried out in Pushkinsky District, Saint Petersburg. We will be glad to involve you in experiencing an unforgettable «journey in the sky» over some of the most picturesque places of the capital of the North and Russia — Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovskoye. Pushkin city was established in 1710 as an emperor's country seat, Tsarskoye Selo. Pushkin is considered to be one of the most colorful parts of Saint Petersburg by right. Tsarskoye Selo series of palaces and parks enters into the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.


About aeronautics

Thanks to aeronautics, a man for the first time could carry out his long-held dream — to rise into the sky. At all times venturesome dreamers have tried to get off the ground, but only brothers Montgolfier (from French Montgolfier) have won their laurels as discoverers.